Shoulder Area

The shoulder joint is a ball joint and the most mobile joint in the entire body. It can be moved in all three directions and, together with the shoulder blade, it is responsible for the substantial scope of arm movement.

Ailments in the shoulder joint are often helped with acupuncture treatment. This is one treatment available in our clinic.

Calcium deposits in the tendon bases of the shoulder joint can be broken up using shock wave therapy. This treatment is also carried out in our clinic.

If the above treatments are not enough, the shoulder joint may need to be treated through keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery. Here it is possible to remove an inflamed bursa, smooth cartilage defects and reconstruct the joint socket and rotating cuff.


Calcified Shoulder

This is when there are calcium deposits in the shoulder joint capsule.

Non-surgical treatment such as physiotherapy, cortisone treatment, needling and shock wave therapy can help. Sometimes, however, surgery is necessary in order to remove the calcium deposits.




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