Day Surgery Operations ALT

Due to modern and minimally invasive medicine it is possible today to carry out many surgical procedures in a day surgery with the same amount of care and high expert knowledge as one would expect in a larger hospital.

To this effect we have an expert team at your disposal and our clinic carries out over 1200 procedures every year. Constant training and further education, as well as the most modern equipment, guarantee the greatest standard of high quality care.


For you as the patient that means:
  • Less strain on the body through minimal invasive surgical procedures. (Arthroscopic procedures usually only need two very small incisions.)
  • The possibility of returning home on the day of surgery to recover in a home environment.
  • Individual care received in a quiet and friendly atmosphere from the first appointment until the end of treatment.

Here in the menu we have detailed some of the surgical procedures which we perform. If you have any questions about any of these operations please feel free to contact us.




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Surgery Hours

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Accident and Emergency
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Call +49 57 21 - 99 46 7-0 to make an appointment so that unnecessary waiting times can be avoided. If you cannot meet an appointment then please let us know as early as possible in order to avoid delays.